Why Astrology Works

Imagine that the cosmos  works in a macro/micro way such that macro (the very large) and micro (the very small) are a mirror of each other. In physics we have all learned that the shape of the atom, the building block of our material reality, is very much like that of the energetic form that earth is but a part, the solar system. What study of the atom has shown is that the nature of the element is determined by the number of it's electrons or it's form. In man's discovery and decoding of the vibrational reality all around him, two things become abundantly clear:  

1. That many of mans discovery's of the world around him are based upon the new ability to measure a previously invisible energy or force that was there and effecting life even though it was invisible for centuries before man could measure it, harness it and use it in some fashion.


2. That it is very likely that we are not able at this time to see and measure all the invisible forces around us and effecting us even though these forces are in fact there now and are effecting our lives.

Man has become expert in tuning, encoding, transmitting and then decoding vibrations in the electromagnetic spectrum. The frequencies that he has had his successes with are generally very high vibrations that pass through all matter and are invisible to the human eye. It has been through mans ability to encode these vibrations with the information of sound and pictures that we now have the tools of mass media known as radio and TV. Basically man has come to look for things that are in his direct environment, measure them, manipulate them and turn them into vehicles for messages to the collective of mankind. The longest waves man has come so far to detect and measure are seismic waves of earthquakes. He has also made some of his own long waves with the inventions of ELF and HAARP.


We postulate that we here on earth are in an environment of very long, low frequency waves that are emitted from our neighbors in the solar system, the planets and the Sun. These very long waves are longer and lower in frequency  than any waves yet discovered by the devices that man has invented so far. These very long waves of extremely low frequency are similar to the high frequency waves that we use and take for granted in our daily lives in that they pass through all matter as well. These very low frequency waves the planets emit are so low they are perhaps millions of times lower than the lowest frequency ever measured by a man made instrument. But being very low and long give them a very compelling influence in the environment around us. This influence is measured by astrology which maps the longitude  and latitude of the positions of the planets around earth and shows how these planetary positions around the earth create a unified pattern of energy where all of the separate planets frequencies crossover and fuse with each other to create a field of unified influence that can be described as astrological weather.


We would describe the birth of an infant on earth as occurring within this planetary ultra low frequency field. Being within this planetary unified field of energy that passes through all matter has a direct influence on the energetic makeup of the infant on a molecular energetic level so far undiscovered by mans instruments. Man has not yet once managed to make an instrument that measures an energy or frequency that he did not suspect was there first, by virtue of energetic clues that correlated with an  influence on something he could observe. I feel that this energetic molecular imprint on the infants newly born on earth is similar to a hologram. These ultra low frequency waves together create this unified pattern of influence on the cells of the living being at a molecular level, at the moment where the infant becomes truly autonomous by virtue of taking the first breath, thereby becoming for the first time ever, independent of the mother and umbilical cord that has been the source of oxygen and nutrients during gestation.


The energy pattern infused into the living cells of the infant are analogous to the reference pattern in the hologram. This pattern is life long and lives in the cells and is passed along as the cells divide and grow.  As the planets continue their cyclical journey around the Sun, the ultra low frequency pattern of the  solar systems unified field is focused here on earth, the pattern evolves and interacts with the reference pattern infused into the infant at birth in the measurable and predictable way that the science/art of astrology indicates is significant. The geometric relationships of the positions of the planets creating the current ultra low frequency unified field to the living reference pattern formed at birth indicate how these ultra low frequencies of the solar system will interact and have influence on how the individuals reference pattern receive and focus the all pervading energy that is ever present in our environment here on earth.


The science/art of astrology was, in our opinion, developed by a civilization far in advance of our own that last walked the planet some 13 thousand years ago and is now known only through legend. Edgar Cayce revealed much about this civilization and their connection to our own time here on the cusp of completion of extraordinarily long cycles, refocusing very soon, close to 2012. The culture of Atlantis developed the consciousness tool now known as astrology and it is still to this day amazingly accurate in showing how the cycles of the planets correlate with various cycles in our own lives. The meanings of the planets as passed down through the ages has remained unchanged, have been found to be identical in every culture that has had an astrology (virtually every developed culture has left traces of their astrology) and are in fact unwaveringly accurate in their influence on the categories of rulership that has been ascribed to them by our hidden ancestors, the Atlanteans.

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