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We live in the age of Discovery and Invention. Through the application of discovery, inventions now let us see the world in ever higher resolution, making things that were once invisible, now visible. Maps are pictures of things to large to see whole from our actual point of view. Time elapsed photography allows us to see in a few moments what actually took hours, days or months to actually occur.

The Time Capsule is a Time Elapsed Time Map of our solar system as seen from earth shown in the context of the Science/Art of Astrology. The Time Capsule is the first program in the world to animate time and actually measure the energy present at all times and thus stands as the State of the Art in astrological display and interactivity.

The Time Capsule is also the finally realized vision of three astrologer/inventors of what a truly intuitive and cosmically beautiful astrological display can be. Developed over ten years on the framework of Doug Kellogg's pioneering astrology program, AstroStar I & II (1979-85). Coded for ease of use for astrology enthusiasts and
astrologers alike, the Time Capsule has four main buttons for "Flying Through Time", the experience one has while using the Time Capsule while reviewing the energy of the past, present and future.  

Using moving bar graphs to show the cumulative total volume of six qualities of energy in the chart at all times, the user can see in an instant the level of energy present on any given day, without being an astrologer! Thus, using the Time Capsule you can find the days in the future where there is the highest energy focused through the crystal lens of your chart. When this energy is most focused through you, your life accelerates and major life events happen. By pressing one button, "Significance", the Time Capsule will provide you with a complete description of any days energy for your understanding (subscription required).

Only since 2002 has the average new computer become fast enough to display the Time Capsule in it's full beauty and resolution. Also, it was in 2002 that video cards using the nVidia GeForce 2,3 4 or FX video chip become inexpensive enough ($30-$70) for casual purchase (to upgrade computers that do not come with this chip already). As the Time Capsule was originally developed on high end SGI computers, commonly used to make movie special effects, we had to wait to release it on PC's until now. And it was worth the wait!

Doug Kellogg, the sole author of the astrology engine and calculations module for the Time Capsule, was the 2nd person in the world to write an astrology program for microcomputers. His program AstroStar I & II, was sold by Robert Hand's company Astrolabe until Robert wrote his own program.

Loren Carpenter, two time Oscar winner (1993 & 2001) and co-author of Renderman (the state of the art rendering program for the movie industry), wrote the advanced graphic display code for the Time Capsule.

Glen Grillo, advanced digital artist and animator (Cosmic Egg), created the buttons and the opening dome/hourglass sequence of the Time Capsule (ArcaneRealities.com).

Dusty Park, astrology pioneer and veteran astrologer of 30 years, brought the team together and guided the inspired vision and design process of the project.

We are all proud to introduce the Time Capsule, the first astrology program for everyone with a Birthdate and a computer. For everyone with a desire to see the shape of the future and understand the past, we invite you to explore the previously unseen, the Future cycles of your life, and connect with a new sense of the Flow of Time and the possibilities you can create there by having s glimpse of the future in the present. The Time Capsule is specifically designed for Awareness Entertainment!

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