System Requirements for
Please review this guide to the system requirements of the Time Capsule. There are too numerous combinations to list all variations, but this guide shows what will work BEST in terms of hardware that will display the Time Capsule at a reasonable level of Beauty & Performance. If you have an older computer, purchasing a used nVidia video card can increase the performance of your whole system for just a few dollars, as well as giving you the video speed for OpenGL that the Time Capsule aspires to.


Pentium IV @ 1.6Ghz+
256M RAM
Windows 2000
1024x768 screen resolution
nVidia GeForce 2 or 3 video card
ATI Radeon 8700 video card
Windows Millennium Edition is Not supported.


Pentium IV @ 2.4Ghz or better
512M + RAM
Windows 2000 or XP
1280x1024 or 1400x1050 screen resolution
nVidia Geforce 4 or GeForce FX video card w/ 64M video RAM
ATI Radeon 9000 or 9800 video card w/64M video RAM
Windows Millennium Edition is Not supported.


We would like to take a moment to discuss issues of support.  A3D is a very small company and the Time Capsule is written in a very special language called OpenGL, a 3D graphics programming language. For the last 6 years Microsoft has supported OpenGL in all versions of Windows (98, W2K, XP) and a very large number of graphics cards support and accelerate OpenGL as well. Unfortunately, many of these graphics cards do not support OpenGL in a very robust or complete and consistent way.  We have found that the MOST RELIABLE video cards are those with nVidia video chips on them, the GeForce 2,3,4, FX, 5 and other series of chips produced by nVidia and which are the heart and soul of video cards made from about 8 different manufactures worldwide. We are forced to require users who want A3D support to be running on our minimum level computer and to have it equipped with a video card that has an nVidia video chip on it. Otherwise, since we will not have the video card that a particular user has, and that is likely to not be a very good OpenGL implementation in the first place, we will not be able to effectively troubleshoot any potential problems since we will not be able to re-create the problem on our computers. The re-creation of a bug on our computers is a basic requirement for the tracking down of the bug or issue. Please make the effort to invest in the proper computing environment for the use of the Time Capsule, it will make your overall computing environment a higher performance one and you will be able to enjoy the Time Capsule to itís fullest, since it will display properly and run smoothly.

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