We are pleased to invite you on a special journey, a journey of "Flying Through Time". Seeing your life through a "Time Map" of the perpetual and eternal cycles of the planets, the electrons of the macro atom of our Solar System.  We have made every endeavor to make this the most unique and enjoyable astrology software that you have ever used. Our hope is that the experience of using the Time Capsule wills et a new standard for what an astrology program can be: a fluent, interactive movie of the shape of time. There has been more than enough Virgo influence in the creation of astrology programs over the years and we hope to have redressed the balance with a significant flowering of Pisces influence in the creation of the Time Capsule, a truly visual panorama of  the flow of time showing how this flow relates to you, the pilot. 

Those who decide to purchase the Time Capsule during this first six months of 2005 will get 2 years of free upgrades to new versions of the Time Capsule.  We will be also offering two add on modules for some very special revolutionary features that all early purchasers of this 1st version will be offered at a 30% discount. 

On our Hardware Requirements page we have posted some important system requirements information.


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