Astrology3D is proud to introduce the Professional version of the "Time Capsule," a powerful astrology program that is the natural evolution of your personal astrological chart.  It is not just an astrology program, but an animated time map of your life.

Twelve years in development, the "Time Capsule" is the first-ever astrology program that enables an accurate, visually compelling "Time Elapsed Planetary Map" of one's chart. This beautiful ever-changing color map literally displays the 'Shape of Time' as it reveals how the evolving shape of planetary cycles are connected specifically to the past, present - and future - of your life. Only in the last three years or so have much faster CPU's and powerful video chips from companies such as nVidia given PCs the power to run a complex program such as the Time Capsule at speeds allowing its full beauty and resolution to be seen in your home.

Developed by three dedicated pioneers waiting for the super-fast PC revolution to arrive, your Time Capsule is finally available for viewing. Thus, our personal invitation to you -- as one of Astrology 3D's most interested parties; please join us as we enable you -- for the first time ever - to discover the Shape of Time and Your Life.


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