"Your Life is a Movie and iTime Capsule shows you the Shape of Time in your movie Through the Sacred Geometry of Astrology"

The iTime Capsule (iTC) is the 1st Astrology program for the iPhone that lets you "Fly Through Time" to see the energy landscape of your future or past and then provides a truly personal & fully professional interpretation of the energy for that moment in time. The iTime Capsule brings your Future to Your Fingertips!

By calculating your full professional astrology chart based on your actual birthdate, time & city of birth, the iTC is able to display your exquisitely animated chart with 5 bar graphs showing the volume of energy at any moment. The interpretations are calculated exclusively for your chart & no other. This brings to you an extremely high level of authenticity not possible in all those inferior Sun Sign astrology programs currently found on the iPhone.

Alfred Hitchcock said that "Movies are life with the boring part cut out". We all know that our lives have certain cycles to them & that most days are not spectacular or filled with exciting events. We do know that such days of excitement & newness are possible because we have all had them.

What if you were able to scan through time, we call it "Flying Through Time", & using the Science/Art of astrology, were able to explore & identify the most important dates in your life? The exact dates where astrology has measured that your life has more than the average amount of Planetary Energy focused in it than on normal days?

The iTC truly lives up to the concept that "Your Future is at Your Fingertips", since it is completely navigated by screen touches & swipes. Functions for Faster/Slower, Forward/Backward, Stop/Start, are all designed as very intuitive finger motions. There is a "Date Jumper" & the meanings of the 5 bar graphs are shown by just touching them. You can customize your screen, zoom into the chart, change the level of aspect sensitivity, & set bookmarks in time for each chart.

Only now do you have the choice of using a professional level astrology program on the iPhone. With features only found on personal computer astrology programs, the iTC is ready to be your master tool for astrology on demand, the moment you are compelled to spontaneously look anything up, give advice to a client by phone, you are empowered to view astrological time & structure with the details required to make confident assessments & decisions.

The iTC has been originally developed on SGI Indigo computers as the Time Capsule in 1993. It was then ported to PC's & then MACs before being re-coded for the iPhone. & even before the SGI version was coded by Loren Carpenter (2 time Oscar winner & Sr. Scientist at Pixar) for the animation & graphic display, Doug Kellogg's original Astro Star program was made for CP/M computers in Z80 assembly in 1979. The iTC has 30 years of development behind it & as a result, it is about the most refined astrological display program of it's kind to be found anywhere. This becomes quite apparent when you experience the fluency & finesse of navigating through time and through the array of functions.

Our intention is to provide a valuable & unique astrological experience to everyone with a birthdate & an iPhone/iPod Touch. To let people experience first hand the value of following & decoding the qualities of the planetary cycles of their lives. To further your understanding & appreciation of your unique relationship to the Creation in which we all Exist.